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APS Industrial Services has provided scaffolding and access solutions across some of Australia’s most critical infrastructure since 2005. Our highly skilled and experienced scaffolding designers and teams can meet the needs of even the most remote or challenging projects.

APS pride itself on providing the best people, scaffolding, design and implementation methodology for our client’s needs to ensure that they are compliant with the Australian Standards and in line with Occupational Health and Safety legislation.

APS has various types of scaffolding systems available and supply options, including owning over 1000 Tons of Laher, 1000 tons of Quickstage and other systems. Our ability to design and engineer scaffolds allows us to provide you with all of the loading information you require, ensuring that the structures we erect meet your specific requirements. Some of our scaffolding services include:

  • Scaffold Design and Engineering
  • Scaffold System Materials Management & Tracking
  • In-House Designers and Draftsman
  • Consultancy, Access Design & Management
  • Laher Modular Scaffolding
  • Kwikstage Modular Scaffolding
  • Tube and Fit Scaffolding
  • Scaffold Standard Hire Services
  • Scaffold Sales with Buy-Back Options



Works carried out included the design, engineering and supply of a multi-level scaffold. This enabled access to the façade which was required to restore one of Melbourne’s oldest and iconic buildings

The design had to allow 150,000 daily commuters to move freely around the station and platform 1 (the busiest platform in Australia).

Our engineered solution included cantilevered, hanging, and bridging scaffolds with over 500t of Layher scaffold materials on site at any one time.


Our scaffolding scope included the design, engineering, supply and installation of four, forty meter hung scaffolds.

Design, engineering, and scaffold specialists were also required for the construction of various scaffolds throughout the early works.

This covered a range of sites, requiring APS to provide a critical 24hr round the clock scaffold support service.


This innovative, Multi-Access project required APS to design, engineer and erect a suspended Techni-truss platform with a general-purpose scaffold erected directly on top off it for sandblasting and painting works to the underside of the conveyor.

The client greatly saved in terms of labour, scaffold material and time costs due to APS’s design eliminating the need for a ground-based birdcage or hanging scaffold. Significant safety benefits were also achieved by hoisting up scaffold material using mechanical aided platforms, removing conventional working at heights and manual handling requirements.


The project required APS's scaffold and engineering teams to design, engineer, and erect bridging scaffold over an existing void, eliminating the need for ground-based birdcage scaffold to access the underside of the structures.

The design was built with a 5kPa deck to allow construction works underneath to continue whilst simultaneous scaffold works were happing above, providing a saving for the client on labour and scaffold materials.


The APS scaffold team were engaged to engineer and erect a bridging and hanging scaffold over water and a steep embankment to perform remedial works on the bridge’s underside.

APS’s design was engineered and erected using the Layher cantilevered methodology to eliminate working near a live edge.

The APS scaffold design and approach provided savings for the client on labour, scaffold materials, and the programme schedule by not being erected from the ground.


Throughout the Melbourne Metro Tunnel mega project, APS has been engaged to design, engineer and erect rolling birdcage scaffolds. Our team also, designed, engineered and erected cantilevered and hanging scaffolds to maintain the project programme.

This alternate method to traditional scaffolding reduced the crew sizes yet still resulted in a significant time reduction to the scaffolding works. All scaffold designs and engineering were turned around in a concise timeframe with expert supervision and client interfacing occurring daily.