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APS Industrials engineering and design teams offer comprehensive services across infrastructure construction, transport infrastructure, and the energy sectors, with a proven track record in playing a pivotal role in delivering innovation and ingenuity to public and private developments.

The APS philosophy is that there is no problem cannot be overcome and the business has a real passion for designing and engineering solutions to our clients most complex and challenging projects. This philosophy and approach have led to the company being able to attract a world class management, engineering, fabrication, and implementation team which have supported some of the largest and most high-profile projects across Australia.

Our Design and engineering solution include:

  • Bespoke Design
  • Architectural Features Design
  • Façade Design, Manufacture & Install
  • Structural Steelwork Design and Engineering
  • Height Safety Design and Engineering
  • Site Measurement & Survey
  • Design & Fabrication Drawings
  • 3D Modelling
  • Engineering Computations
  • STRAP Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis



APS was awarded a steelwork package that required the design, drafting and engineering of custom steel stairwells within a large, high profile commercial building with specific architectural, coating, and fixing requirements.

The APS innovative design was accepted, and APS was engaged to fabricate all stairwell sections, brackets, fixings and connectors which was completed on time and on budget. APS managed the coatings contractor, and our rigging teams & mechanical teams installed each structure with a perfect safety record.


Working closely with the Probuild Construction Team, APS successfully installed large volumes of steelwork for the Eastland Shopping Centre.

Many elements of the steelwork were designed, engineered, and fabricated at APS’s own in-house fabrication facility.

Works included the installation of the huge, vaulted sky light, the installation of the Library GRP façade and supporting steel work, shop fronts, Aluminium timber look ceilings and support structure and entrance signage.


APS were sub-contracted by Probuild Construction to complete a broad range of works on the $450 million Eastland shopping centre redevelopment. A key part of this redevelopment was the installation of the remarkable façade on the exterior of the Realm Library.

Our team worked around the clock to complete the necessary tasks including installation of secondary steel, atrium skylight, GRP façade and roof access system


APS is a leader in the design, manufacture and installation of Australian compliant building access systems and engineered, permanent access structures, completing hundreds of designs and installs across the commercial infrastructure, power generation and oil and gas sectors to date.

This specialist APS service is supported by our in-house fabrication facilities, site-based rigging, and steel erection and mechanical, teams providing a turnkey solution to our customers.


Working in one of the major shopping malls in Melbourne, the APS design and engineering team along with our fabricators completed the successful fabrication and of all steelwork and finishes at our in house facility. APS riggers and boilermakers successfully installed 3 levels of architectural steel work and ceilings.

The high level of finish for the ceilings meant that extra care had to be taken to ensure that the mirror and stainless elements didn’t get any sort of damage during the installation phase meaning precision and high quality workmanship was a key success element of the install.


APS designed, engineered, fabricated and installed various steel elements for the RMIT NAS building for our client Lend Lease Building.

The project entailed design and install of all miscellaneous steel work, full façade steel for the green building, shop front steel and glass, seating bays, lighting trusses, window pods, glazing and skylights, public stairs and feature ceilings.

This required the full suite of welding, fabrication, mechanical, rigging and scaffold supply, erect and dismantle to complete the project on time and safely.