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Effective and efficient infrastructure is vital to Australia’s future prosperity and sustainable economic growth. APS is inherently aware that properly delivered and resourced infrastructure construction projects underpin the nation’s economic prosperity, providing both primary and secondary benefits to the Australian public. With this knowledge, the APS team is committed to delivering high-quality infrastructure construction and urban development as well as aiming for 100% local participation when providing our core engineering, fabrication, scaffolding, rigging and specialist access services.

As the Australian economy experiences sustained growth, demand for new and enhanced infrastructure will be at an unprecedented level over the coming decade. Whether the construction project relates to the transport, commercial, education, health, or government sector, APS utilises the latest technologies, a culture of innovation and an expert team to provide a suite of specialist services to support Tier 1 operators in delivering these national projects.

  • Shopping Centre Construction
  • Universities Construction
  • Prison Construction & Upgrade
  • Court House Construction
  • Hospitals Construction
  • Public Building Construction
  • Private Commercial Building
  • Urban Upgrade Services
  • Industrial Construction
  • Manufacturing Construction



APS has a long track record in delivering custom-designed transport and engineered solutions to the commercial infrastructure sector, completing both private and government major projects across the country. Utilising a suite of specialist software packages for design, drafting, and STRAP analysis for engineering computations, the APS engineers can provide you with not only a full set of engineering and fabrication drawings, but also real-time 3D modelling of the finished engineered solution.


The APS advanced steel fabrication production facilities ensure that we have the capacity and precision to undertake a wide range of fabricated components and projects, including steel fabrication, exotic material fabrication and structural steel fabrication.


APS Industrial Services has provided scaffolding and access solutions across some of Australia’s most critical commercial infrastructure since 2005. Our highly skilled and experienced scaffolding designers and teams have a proven track record of meet the needs of even the largest or most challenging infrastructure construction project.


APS's experienced rigging and structural steel installation specialists are trained and geared to provide a range of services to both private and public projects within the commercial infrastructure sector. Cost, time, precision and safety excellence are at the forefront of everything we do.