Prison steelwork package.

Prison Steelwork Packages

Australia has seen continually rising prison population figures over recent years. This has created problems for state governments with swelling numbers putting pressure on already crowded prisons and associated correctional facilities.

APS has combined a range of its specialist designengineeringfabrication, and manufacturing capabilities to support the steelworks packages for the construction, upgrade, and expansion of Australia’s prison facilities. The APS design and implementation team work closely with the tier 1 construction company and our contractors to ensure that high quality workmanship, and secure operating performance of prison facilities are achieved.

APS carefully manage our prison steelwork packages ensuring compliance to all statutory codes, Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia providing inspection and test plan (ITP’s), task risk assessments (TRA’s), and testing as required to complete each package of Works.

Prison steelwork and fencing.
The APS Prison steelworks package includes:
  • Design and Documentation Management
  • Site Surveying
  • Non Destructive Testing (NATA Accredited)
  • Procurement and Quality Management
  • Fabrication and Manufacturing
  • Demarcation Fencing
  • Mesh Fence with Anti-Climb Drums
  • Reinforced Concrete Footings
  • High Anti-Climb Screen Fencing
  • Chain Wire Fencing
  • High Steel Batten Fencing
  • Motorised Hinged Gate Installation
  • Interior Steelwork Fabrication
  • Automatic Gates Including Motors / Operating Mechanisms

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