West Gat Bridge transport infrastructure.

Transport Infrastructure

APS understands that the Australian transport infrastructure is critical to our everyday lives. Our transport networks are vital to our collective economy and productivity, as well as to the quality and cost of living for every Australian. With this in mind, the APS specialist teams put a focus on high-quality, efficient and safe services to minimise disruption and save cost.

The APS transport infrastructure services suite includes support to new infrastructure (roads, bridges, rail and tunnels) and maintenance or upgrade of existing transport infrastructure across the country. APS harnesses the latest technologies and its culture of innovation to consistently meet the Australian community’s needs for mobility, connectivity and sustainability.

Transport infrastructure services.
Our services to the transport sector include:
  • Road Construction
  • Rail Construction
  • Bridge Construction
  • Tunnel Construction
  • Elevated Rail Maintenance
  • Bridge Repair, Upgrade & Access
  • Bridge Maintenance Support

Design & Engineering

APS has a long track record in delivering custom designed transport and engineered solutions.

Utilising a suite of specialist software packages for design, drafting, and STRAP analysis for engineering computations, APS can provide you with not only a full set of engineering and fabrication drawings, but also real-time 3D modelling of the finished engineered solution.

Suspended Access Platforms

APS provide a specialist solution in our proprietary Technitruss suspended access platform system.

This dynamic, lightweight, and easy to use system has delivered with excellence on some of the country’s most critical bridge and transport infrastructure.

Suspended access platforms and decking for transport infrastructure.
Our suspended access platforms for transport includes:
  • Modular Ultra Light-Weight System
  • Fully Engineered Access System
  • Custom Designed to Project Requirements
  • Exceptional Strength-to-Weight Ratio
  • Continuous Movement Ability Along or up the Structure
  • Rapid Assembly & Installation

Scaffolding Service

APS has provided scaffolding and access solutions across some of Australia’s most critical infrastructure since 2005.

Our highly skilled and experienced scaffolding designers and teams can meet the needs of even the most remote or challenging projects.

Transport scaffolding services.
Our transport scaffolding services include:
  • Scaffold Design and Engineering
  • In House Designers and Draftsman
  • Scaffold Materials Management & Tracking
  • Over 1000+ Tons of Owned Modular Scaffold
  • Layher or Kwikstage Scaffolding Services
  • Tube and Fit Scaffolding Services
  • Scaffold Hire or Sales Services with Buy Back Options

Rigging and Steel Erection

APS’s experienced rigging and structural steel installation specialists are trained and geared to provide a range of services to the transport infrastructure sector with cost, time and safety excellence at the forefront of everything we do.

Rigging and steel erection for the transport sector.
Our rigging and steel erection services include: