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International trade is integral to Australia’s economy and especially to the Marine infrastructure, shipping, and logistics industries. We are a net exporting nation, generating yearly exports of around $195 billion and importing around $187 billion per year, which makes our ports, wharfs, jetties, and other associated infrastructure critical to our nations continued development, prosperity and growth.

The APS team is inherently aware that properly managed marine infrastructure can provide significant benefits to Australian business and the wider public but must be regularly inspected, maintained, managed. With this knowledge, the APS team is committed to delivering world-class and innovative results when providing our core engineering, fabrication, scaffolding, rigging, specialist access, and inspection services.

  • Port Infrastructure
  • Export Wharf
  • Ship-Loading Wharf
  • LNG/LPG Loading Jetty
  • Mooring and Breasting Dolphins
  • Quays
  • Pier Infrastructure
  • Private & Public Jetty



APS has a long track record in delivering custom and innovative coastal infrastructure, engineered access, fabrication and remediation solutions.

Utilising a suite of specialist software packages for design, drafting, and STRAP analysis for engineering computations, APS can provide you with not only a full set of engineering and fabrication drawings, but also real-time 3D modelling of the finished engineered solution.


APS provide a specialist solution in our proprietary Technitruss, suspended access platform system. This dynamic, lightweight, and unique design has delivered excellence on some of the country’s most critical bridge, jetty, ship loader infrastructure across Australia and the Asia Pacific.

  • Modular Ultra Light-Weight System
  • Fully Engineered Access System
  • Custom Designed to Project Requirements
  • Exceptional Strength-to-Weight Ratio
  • Continuous Movement Ability along or up the Structure
  • Rapid Assembly & Installation


APS was initially established to provide innovative, safe, and cost-effective access solutions. Being a holistic access and engineering provider, we are recognised industry-wide for providing the right access systems for each situation.

As part of the Vertech group of companies, we are one of the largest providers of rope access services and specialist access systems in Australia and New Zealand. Our access solution and systems include;


APS has provided scaffolding and specialist access solutions across some of Australia’s most critical infrastructure and coastal infrastructure since 2005. Our highly skilled and experienced scaffolding designers and teams can meet the needs of even the most remote or challenging projects. Our scaffolding services complimentary to coastal infrastructure projects include;


As part of the Vertech Group, APS is able to provide NATA accredited Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), coatings inspections, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) structural inspection on infrastructure above water.
Our group also includes Geo Oceans, an award-winning Mini ROV inspection provider and Blue Ocean Marine Services, who specialise in autonomous underwater (UAV) surveying. These combined subsea services enable APS to provide a turnkey inspection, survey, access and remediation service across jettyies, and wharfs while reducing cost and increasing safety and efficiency to the project.