Power generation and utilities sector.

Power Generation

Energy is one of the most basic requirements in today’s world. Our dependence on energy, specifically electrical energy, has grown dramatically and continues to grow year on year. This growing requirement makes it critical that each power generation asset runs safely and at optimal performance, as planned or unplanned disruptions can seriously impact the community and this essential energy supply.

APS is nationally positioned and experienced in the delivery and support of hydroelectric power plants, coal-fired power plants, diesel-fired power plants and gas-fired power plants.

APS provides a suite of specialist services to support routine maintenance, shutdowns and turn arounds (TAR’s) as well as having a wealth of experience both nationally and internationally in supporting capital projects. When combined with our group’s inspectionrobotics, and NDT capabilities, our core services (engineering, trade and specialist access) provide significant cost, time and resource benefits to asset owners looking to get the most from their assets.

Shutdown & Turnaround Services

Power plant shutdowns and turnarounds are intense periods of activity aimed at maintaining and/or increasing the plant’s reliability, availability, and efficiency. APS inherently understands that these critical activities can add significant value to the community and asset owner if planned and delivered well, meaning we put a high focus on the delivery to a best-in-class standard.

The APS shutdown and turnaround management team save costs without compromising on safety and quality.

Maintenance Services

Power plants play an essential role in fulfilling the ever-increasing demand for electricity, but like any machine, they require maintenance.

The APS maintenance teams include multi-disciplinary, certified tradesmen who provide intelligent solutions to routine asset maintenance and technically challenging activities.

Capital Project Services

APS and our group companies have provided multi-disciplined teams of up to 50+ people for complex capital projects across Australia and the wider Asian region, including Thailand, Indonesia and Korea.

We work closely with clients to develop a detailed series of project plans and the necessary implementation plans to ensure maximum productivity when our site teams arrive.